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The annual processing of 800,000 square meters of aluminum veneer project undertaken by Shandong Wanxiang Building Materials Co., Ltd., the construction of production workshops, scientific research office buildings and other infrastructure areas totaling 18315.43 square meters, purchase of laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, automatic spray lines A total of 53 facilities (sets)

Antique building aluminum plate
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Antique building aluminum plate

Product Description

1. Select high-quality aluminum plate, aluminum plate that has undergone multiple surface hot-dip plating and coating treatment, has more excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance and aesthetics, which greatly extends the service life of the product (increased by 50 to 80% compared with ordinary color steel plate) . At the same time, it fully reflects the elegant classical beauty and traditional beauty of Chinese tiles. The colors are rich and natural. All kinds of glossy, matt, high gloss and frosted are colorful.

2. Antique architectural aluminum plate, beautiful and elegant appearance, strong three-dimensional layering, so that the polymer thermal insulation damping elastomer is firmly combined into one, which can greatly reduce the annoyance of roof noise to the indoor while saving energy.

3. Lightweight, high-strength and durable, light unit weight reduces roof load, aluminum tile has high strength and excellent resistance to pressure deformation.

4. Strong waterproof performance, scientific and reasonable patent appearance design makes the slope surface seamlessly connect the entire tile, the interference lap combination and the complete sealing and fixing component have the waterproof performance and overall firmness that are unmatched by other building roofing materials. performance.

5. The construction is simple, fast and hygienic to reduce the cost of roofing. The dry operation method is fast and hygienic to reduce labor intensity and speed up the construction speed.

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