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The annual processing of 800,000 square meters of aluminum veneer project undertaken by Shandong Wanxiang Building Materials Co., Ltd., the construction of production workshops, scientific research office buildings and other infrastructure areas totaling 18315.43 square meters, purchase of laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, automatic spray lines A total of 53 facilities (sets)

Roll-coated aluminum sheet
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Roll-coated aluminum sheet

Product Description

Roll-coated aluminum plate is made by degreasing and chemically treating the surface of the aluminum plate base material, roll-coated with high-quality paint, and dried and cured. The material of roller coating plate is the same as that of peritoneal plate. Through the high-performance roller coating process, the accuracy and flatness of the sheet can be more effectively controlled, and the irregularities and wrinkles caused by the tradition can be successfully eliminated, so that the decoration color of the building is even and delicate, soft and bright. According to the different methods of paint and roll coating, there are certain differences in the quality of roll coated aluminum plates. The film thickness of the surface of the roll-coated aluminum plate is thinner than that of the film-coated plate, only 0.04mm, so the regular roll-coated aluminum plate is generally 0.1mm thinner than the film-coated plate of the same specification. However, due to the roll-coating process, it is less prone to chromatic aberration than the film-coated board. The reflection of the roller coated board is very soft, easy to clean, and it is not easy to scratch and change color.


Main features of roll-coated aluminum sheet:

1. Not easy to turn yellow, strong environmental protection. The chromium-free treatment liquid is used for the indication operation, which makes up for the defect of the discoloration of the film-coated board; the roller paint contains active chemical molecules, which promotes the formation of a protective layer on the surface of the material. Active chemical molecules are stable and easy to recycle, meeting environmental protection requirements.

2. Corrosion resistance. There is a tight oxide film on the surface of the roll-coated aluminum plate, which has strong adhesion, oxidation resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, decay resistance, and ultraviolet radiation resistance.

3. The color is uniform and lasting. Roller-coated aluminum plate is even and delicate in color, soft and gorgeous, avoiding the individual color difference of traditional spraying, no matter how large the area of ​​the ceiling is, its color and color are always the same. Lasting and new.

4. The combination of rigidity and toughness, the strength of the aluminum plate is extremely high.

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