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The annual processing of 800,000 square meters of aluminum veneer project undertaken by Shandong Wanxiang Building Materials Co., Ltd., the construction of production workshops, scientific research office buildings and other infrastructure areas totaling 18315.43 square meters, purchase of laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, automatic spray lines A total of 53 facilities (sets)

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Product Name

Metal roof panel

Product Description

1. The metal roof panel has good waterproof performance and fire resistance performance, which can greatly protect the building, and the safety factor is very high.

2. The metal roof panel has excellent structure, and it also has the advantages of light weight, strong durability, long service life and convenient installation.

3. The metal roof panel can be flexibly changed according to the architectural shape, showing a unique personalization and good decoration effect.

4. The metal roof panel is not only very environmentally friendly and energy-saving, but also has strong adaptability to buildings in different regions, environments and different functional requirements.

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