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The annual processing of 800,000 square meters of aluminum veneer project undertaken by Shandong Wanxiang Building Materials Co., Ltd., the construction of production workshops, scientific research office buildings and other infrastructure areas totaling 18315.43 square meters, purchase of laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, automatic spray lines A total of 53 facilities (sets)

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Product Name

Porcelain aluminum plate

Product Description

The molecular structure of the silica coated on the porcelain aluminum plate effectively improves the anti-aging ability and self-cleaning ability of the coating, and greatly improves its service life.

1. High hardness: This special coating makes the hardness of ceramic aluminum plate above 6H, compared with other coatings with a hardness of only about 1H, it has more ideal impact resistance and scratch resistance.

2. High fire rating: Porcelain coating is an inorganic material, and it will not change color or damage the coating film at high temperature of 300 degrees. The coating will change color without decomposition at 1500 degrees, and it is a non-combustible material of class A1.

3. Flexibility: Porcelain aluminum plate has good internal flexibility. "Flexibility" is the ability of the sheet material to absorb plastic deformation work and fracture work, and it will not deform and crack after a strong impact.

4. Durability: The service life of the porcelain aluminum plate can reach 50 years. The molecular structure of coated silica effectively improves the anti-aging ability and self-cleaning of the coating.

5. Green environmental protection: The coating raw materials are inorganic materials, which will not produce or emit toxic gases and odors in high temperature and burning environment, and are green environmental protection materials.

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